Bone Tomahawk (2015)

BONE TOMAHAWK is a compelling slow burner genre mishmash, with sublime dialogue and terrific performances. The ultra violent, gory black comedy is a highly enjoyable experience.

After a small group of townspeople become abducted from a group of cave dwelling cannibalistic Indians, four men set out into the wild west to retreat them. This mixed genre of Western meets Horror is a treat to all.

An impressive feature film debut for S Craig Zahler, who also penned this story, manages to pull together an eclectic talent pool for the small budget wonder.

There is so much to admire in this film!

The dialogue is so glorious. Strangely goofy at times, it is an absolute delight and completely avoids the mark of trying too hard.

The performances are engrossing, Richard Jenkins truly shines as ‘Chicory’, the sweetest old timer ever to grace the screens, he was a pleasure in every scene, bringing a cheeky bit of comedy to moments that required a breather. A short cameo from David Arquette, is even a little bit of fun! So much so that I was disappointed when he didn’t pop back in for the killer third act.

The makeup for the cannibals is genuinely terrifying. The lack of music in the film brings a grittiness to the violent scenes. The final act is shockingly violent, it is near comedic in a way that you have to laugh in order to stomach the scenes. I personally enjoyed the sudden 180 from slow western to horror reminiscent of Eli Roth. However unlike Roth’s films, Zahler does not let the violence overshadow his script.

At times the pacing does indeed slow to a trickle but Zahlers script is clever enough to keep you engrossed.

Don’t let the 132 minute running mark frighten you off, Bone Tomahawk has the potential to become a new cult classic in the horror western genre.

9.0 / 10

“Its gotta taste better then people”