Coming Soon: Scare Campaign

The brotherly director/writer duo, Cameron and Colin Cairnes, are following up their wickedly entertaining debut horror, 100 Bloody Acres, with a second entry in the genre field – Scare Campaign.

Popular prank TV show, Scare Campaign, mixes old school scares with hidden cameras. In the age of online thrills, the team finds themselves desperate for ratings. Deciding it’s time to up the ante, have the the team gone too far this time and are they about to prank the wrong guy?

Returning to the good ol’ fashion slasher flick, Scare Campaign looks to be a throwback to Australia’s ‘Ozploitation’ era of the 1970s/80 filled with schlock horror and ocker comedy.

Blending reality Tv and satiric horror comedy, Scare Campaign is the latest Aussie horror to be filled with murderous mayhem in a bloodbath of brutality.

Release date – July 7th, 2016


Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension (2015)

Paranormal Activity: Ghost Dimension undoes much of the low key believability that was essential to the franchise with this heavily computerised fizzer. Deemed to be the last entry into the franchise, Ghost Dimension goes bigger but not better.

An unsuspecting family move into a new house and begin experiencing strange occurrences after they discover an evil entity is after the daughter.

Director, Gregory Plotkin ties in some lingering questions about the franchises overarching mythology, however six films in and the chills and thrills are gone. What began as a refreshing and haunting experience, it was disappointing to see all the follow up filmmakers stray so far from the original foundation – the chilling use of the unseen to terrorize viewers. A style that made the series so universally admired in the first place.
Lacking originality, Ghost Dimension is the most disappointing of the bunch. Notable cast members from previous film do not make an appearance and with so much time invested in the long running sense, my only question is “where is Katie?” Her absence denies us to feel any closure and instead the wrap up for the long running series feels jaded.

Ghost Dimension missing the mark on capitalizing on the fear of the unknown, as the audience is now finally gifted with a visual cameo appearance of the illusive, Toby. The series villainous being was much more frightening when he remained transparent, he now is a heavy computerized floating blob of dark mass.

Being a fan of the series in general it was disappointing to see the series with such a bang, go out with a fizzle. Ideally, I wish the filmmakers went back to basics and spend more time getting back to classic found footage, back to what ignited the popular franchise.

5.0 / 10

“Fuck you, Ryan! I wanted to stay at mum’s!”

Coming Soon: Observance

I truly believe Australians produce the best horror films out there…. call me bias!

There I said it!

Just take a quick peek into some of our previous home grown heroes (The Babadook, The Loved Ones, Wyrmwood, Wolf Creek, James Wan!)

Financially, Australian filmmakers aren’t given the same slice of pie as American’s.

The horror genre, especially seems to suffer in the financial department. With filmmakers tending to rely strongly on creating the spooks through story.

The upcoming horror ‘Observance’ comes from young Sydney filmmaker Jospeh Sims-Dennett. This Hitchcockian inspired creeper creates goose bump raising spooks with a trailer that doesn’t give a whole lot away.

Premieres – VOD May 16th, 2016