Lake Bodom (2016)

When will teenagers learn… camping in the woods is never a good idea…

Every camper’s worst nightmare came true at Lake Bodom in 1960 when four teenagers were stabbed to death while sleeping in their tent.

Taking a real life homicide case as inspiration for a slasher flick is a risky and somewhat insensitive step to take. But, what Taneli Mustonen has done here has created a sinister campfire tale with more twists and turn than anything else and before not you quickly forget that a group of people really did get murdered at Lake Bodom.

Lake Bodom is a 2016 Finnish film that starts out as a typical slasher but quickly unfolds into something more complex. What exactly is it about teenagers heading out into the woods that makes us drop everything to indulge in what no doubt will be a blend of adolescent crimes, passions and rites? Well, this film has it all; blood, murder, mystery, lies, drugs, alcohol, naked swimming and even a little lesbian romance.

Lake Bodom is energetic in its story telling, but unfortunately the narrative felt a little underdeveloped, as if this was only a first draft and not final. The opening direction of the story I felt was dropped far too quickly, that being Ida (Nelly Hirst-Gee) and Nora (Mimosa Willamo) are two lovely ladies sneaking out into the woods with two fellow male classmates who plan to use the girls to recreate the decades old murder. Sounds interesting, right? I thought so too, but the moment the first murder comes along this storyline is dropped! What follows next, are plot twists that seem a little easy to predict, a quite large expository flashback sequence that some could call lazy writing and an unfortunate anti climatic final scene.

Regardless, Lake Bodom is a fun, gloriously bloody slasher that is shot beautifully and contains one helluva car chase (?) scene that will keep your eyes glued to the screen.

6.5 / 10

“The killer is still on the loose isn’t that reason enough?” 

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