Rosemary’s Baby (1968)

Don’t you dare mistake the name for the 2014 mini-series…  

A young couple move into an apartment, only to be surrounded by peculiar neighbours and occurrences. When the wife becomes mysteriously pregnant, paranoia over the safety of her unborn child begins to control her life.

Rosemary’s Baby is undoubtedly a cult classic of the horror genre. Adapted from Ira Levin’s best selling novel of the same name, Roman Polanski’s 1968 diabolical chiller plays on the vulnerabilities of a young frail woman and the possibility of strange occurrences surrounding her. It’s a frightening tale of Satanism, witches and pregnancy that all lead to a slow trip through paranoia anguish.

Polanski effectively builds an eerie frightening world. The pacing is enticing from the opening scene and its a slow burn throughout with sophisticated and bold intensity. Mia Farrow is perfect as the increasingly frantic title character, Rosemary Woodhouse, her performance is both convincing and committed. Ruth Gordon too is hilariously fantastic in the role of Minnie Castevet.

Rosemary’s Baby successfully blends the moods from a constant state of suffocation to moments of morbid humour. Farrow is enchanting and Polanski’s direction is brilliant. It’s one of the all time slow burners, with its escalating dread that leads to a bewitching finale.

8.0 / 10

“God is dead! Satan lives!”


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