The Devil’s Candy (2017)

If Metallica made a movie this would be it…

A struggling painter (Ethan Embry) is possessed by forces unknown after he and his young family movie into their new home in rural Texas.

Eight years it has been, since Sean Byrne’s unforgettable directorial debut ‘The Loved Ones’. God knows why his sophomore film The Devil’s Candy has been sitting on the shelf since 2015, but alas it has finally seen the light of day. Hallelujah!

The Devil’s Candy is a surprising one. What you think at first will be your standard (but, above average) possession movie turns out to be so much more. Part haunted house, part possession, part serial killer slasher and part family drama, Byrne plays with your typical horror tropes but twists them together into a clever narrative that boasts moments of true terror.

Sitting pretty at riveting 79 minutes, The Devil’s Candy narrative is told in such a slick manner, that after 20 minutes of screen time I don’t think I even blinked. The film is visually pleasing from its stylish framework, gritty colour and crazy cuts. The aesthetic is metal as fuck and the artwork is strikingly terrifying. But what really grasped my attention were the performances. Particularly, Embry, he kind of blew me away, he imbues the character of Jesse with equal parts sensitivity and machismo. He is completely credible as a metal head with an obsession of his own art work, as well as having a fondness for his family. The chemistry between him and his daughter (Kiara Glasco) is wildly charming and between them there a few genuine heartbreaking moments.

The Devil’s Candy balances the tenderness with some shockingly violent moments. The script is taut and tight, along with Embry who is unbelievably ripped here! Thank you, Byrne for the countless shirtless scenes. If the story doesn’t hit you, the soundtrack absolutely will, this is a horror with hard core attitude and heart.

8.0 / 10

“He’s right, you are the sweetest candy of them all”


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