Rings (2017)

Pretty much the worst extra credit a student could ask for…  

A young woman (Matilda Lutz) finds herself on the receiving end of terrifying curse that threatens to take her life in seven days.

Its been 15 years since Gore Verbinski’s vision of the Japanese lore of the little girl who kills you after you watch a videotape and I can safely say, 15 years later… it wasn’t worth the wait. F. Javier Gutierrez has done nothing but muddle the mythology of Samara in a mediocre attempt.

What started out to be somewhat promising premise, Rings, is let down with its poor execution of storytelling. With a somewhat strange and scientific angle, the first act of Rings is set in an exploration of science and the human soul, but its seems the filmmakers struggled with what exactly to do with this idea and very quickly the story falls away to an imitation of ‘The Ring’, however nowhere near as visually stunning nor does it capture the icy fear of Samara.

Storyline aside, the film suffers from a lot of awkward moments. Oddly it has two very irritating openings, you know just in case you didn’t get what was going on… The first five minutes literally lead to nowhere and feel as if it was pulled directly from Final Destination. The rest of the film is filled with odd time jumps, weird dream sequences, far fetched visions, little to no character development and some of the worst over expositional dialogue ever.

“I saw Evelyn on the drive in” “No, she went missing 30 years ago” …

Don’t even get me started on the jump scares. I have now seen it all, after the filmmakers introduced me to the jump scare of an umbrella being opened… God I hate myself for actually jumping.

Worst of all, Rings is sadly not scary. The imagery is not as startling as its predecessor, the films lacks the iconic murky atmosphere and Samara is not nearly enough involved in the film, which is sadly a missed opportunity as a majority of the scenes felt bloated with nonsense, whilst meaningless creepy things happen that are never explained, for instance a certain scene involves rain flying upward.

Lutz is a likeable presence and Johnny Galecki (Professor Gabriel) is solid, but the pair aren’t enough to bring any life to the Samara mythology. There really was no need to bring back horror’s scariest monster, nobody had forgotten Samara, and like the dead bitch this script should have stayed at the bottom of a well too.

4.5 / 10

“7:10. I win, bitch”


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