Friend Request (2016)

Lets just put it this way, this is a film I would maybe ‘Like’, but would definitely not ‘Share’.

When a college student unfriends a mysterious girl online, she finds herself fighting a demonic presence that wants to make her lonely by killing her closest friends.

Simon Verhoeven’s cyber thriller Friend Request is a shoddily scripted horror about the chills and thrills of social media gone evil. Unfortunately, not as clever as the tech savvy Unfriended, Friend Request feels like one of those movies that you are convinced you haven’t seen and then half way through you realise why it was so easily forgettable.

In all honestly, the film actually doesn’t look half that bad and there is a campy appeal to Friend Request that warrants a few chuckles. Undoubtedly the most disturbing aspect of the film is the clever addition of the gothic animation that plagues the overly viewed social media pages.

Unfortunately though the film is let down by unimaginative death scenes, that border on goofy rather then scary. Why the director would think the use of coloured contact lens would add more fright, I have no idea?

Friend Request is another lame gimmicky quest of exploiting social media full of your average staple horror tropes; creepy children, check, dark hallways, check. Worst of all it seemed like William Moseley (Tyler) didn’t even want to be there. Every scene looked as if all he was thinking was “Why am I in this?”

4.0 / 10

“Unfriend that dead bitch!”


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