Fear Inc (2016)

Basically a horror movie version of The Game…

A horror junkie and his friends sign up with a company that brings their customers greatest fears to life.

Vincent Masciale tries to out meta past horror greats with his directorial debut, Fear Inc. Although playful at times for horror aficionados, there are plenty of scenes that capture respectful homages to the classics, the messy script and underdeveloped characters can’t be overlooked.

Without any question, Fear Inc has the most annoying lead character of all time, Joe Foster (Lucas Neff). Joe is not the kind of character that is annoying at first, but soon you learn to love him. No… This guy is totally unlikeable, he is a lazy, overblown dud living off his girlfriend’s money, and worst of all he’s just not very funny. With only a couple minutes into the film I was begging for this character to have a painful death.

With a somewhat interesting concept, everything just felt a little clunky and very flip floppy. The jokes weren’t landing and the scares weren’t scaring, the tonal shifts were non-existent, so once things start to kick into gear we are left wanting more. Instead, the whole story begins to feel like wasted potential.

For a story that is conceived around what is real and what isn’t, you have to let your imagination stretch a little, but here Masciale is pushing it. The structure of the twists requires a large suspension of disbelief and if less time was spent trying to outsmart the viewer and more time on inventive scares, this could have a been a good little flick.

Fear Inc comes across as a desperate attempt to become a cult classic. It fails to stick its multiple landings and when it finally does come to a bloody crescendo its nothing but a terrible ending to a mediocre film.

4.5 / 10

“I just wanna be scared a lil bit. I just wanna shake in my boots” 


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