I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House (2016)

Wordy title? Check. Slow story? Check. Broody literary atmosphere? Check. Check. Check!

A neurotic young nurse Lily (Ruth Wilson), takes care of an elderly horror novelist Iris Bloom who lives in an eerily haunted house.

Oz Perkins, son of horror icon Anthony Perkins, comes through with his very atmospheric sophomore film, I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House. A beautifully made elegant thriller which thrives on moody texture in its retro setting. The Pretty Thing has an air of old romanticism to its story, undoubtedly due to it alluring poetic nature that evokes a dreamlike manner.

A distinct literary voice runs throughout, setting a mouldy beyond the grave like tone which is matched with a unique style of graceful cinematography. The eerily framed scenes prolong extreme unease causing this gothic chiller to feel like a poetic nightmare.

The film may be too unusual for casual film goers and horror buffs seeking traditional scares may very quickly run out of patience as the film is an exceptionally slow burner. Unlike any other ghost story though, this has a unique rhythm and if you let yourself get carried away you are transported into a haunting ghost story that is ultimately rewarding.

Ruth Wilson (Lily) is a dream here, her performance resembles a 1950’s neurotic housewife, babbling to herself at moments of tension. The Pretty Thing is spectacularly moody, this ghost story within a ghost story may not be pleasing to everyone but its final primal scream alone is worthy of an audience.

6.5 / 10

“The pretty thing you are looking at is me”


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