Howl (2015)

I have had it with these motherfucking werewolves, on this motherfucking train.

 A late night train full of passengers breaks down en-route to its final destination during a full moon. The group of strangers must band together in order to survive until morning as they are stalked by an unseen creature.

This is a total B movie, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Known for his work as a Special Effects Makeup Designer, Paul Hyett sits in the Directors chair with his sophomore film, Howl. This British creature feature captured my heart, I found it extremely admirable with its rich atmosphere, stylish set design and black humour that hits without breaking the tension.

One of the things that made the film so enjoyable was the motley crew of characters. Ed Speelers is the overlooked and immediately likeable, Joe. You empathize with him as he’s condescended by everyone around him, yet manages to take the reigns when needed. Elliot Cowan is the token sleaze and Shauna Macdonald as the aggressive business woman whose death state you don’t want to be caught in. Not to mention an all too brief performance from Sean Pertwee. Everyone’s performance creates the scripts dialogue to feel well paced and natural.

The story itself may be ultimately predictable, but this old fashioned British indie is gloriously gory. The werewolves themselves are admirably different from the usual appearance, but unfortunately these furry beasts just didn’t look quite right. Apart from the reimagining of the werewolves there is nothing new here.

I don’t know how I missed this movie, it’s such a likeable low budget film. Because really… where else do you want to see a band of commoners battle a pack of deranged hybrid mutts then in the claustrophobic space of a broken down train, surrounded by a mist of fog in the spookiest of remote forests.

9.0 / 10

“It wasn’t a bear. Bears don’t howl”


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