Green Room (2016)

Green Room felt like a trip down memory lane… No, I never fought off a group of demented neo Nazis but rather frequented small hardcore gigs usually filled with a room of questionable looking people. Green Room invites viewers into the grungy gritty world of sketchy small town gigs and arouses the kooky vigour of wannabe metal heads… to an excessive degree.

After witnessing a murder, a punk rock band is forced to defend themselves into a fight for survival against a group of maniacal skinheads who want nothing but to rid the witnesses.

Jeremy Saulnier’s follow up film to the highly praised, Blue Ruin, switches up the colour scheme and delivers a gritty ultra violent intense siege film, Green Room. Vivaciously paced and wickedly nasty, the tenacity of Green Room really evokes the spirit of punk music and the raw energy of survival or death.

A fresh take on siege genre, Saulnier’s style yields a rather simple narrative approach and exceeds in strong camaraderie between bandmates and an upsurge of violence that reaches demented heights. Underneath the shocking violence is a devilish dark humour that plays with the vulnerability and resourcefulness of the characters.

Anton Yelchin is no novice to the horror genre (Fright Night, Odd Thomas, Only Lovers Left Alice) and in my eyes can do no wrong. Yelchin, lurches between defiant and defeated while receiving easily the most distressing violent attack. Macon Blair, the soulful face of Blue Ruin, also appears in Green Room, and is easily becoming a new favourite face to see. An absolute delight, Blair brings authenticity and a sense of morality to the narrative.

The stylized violence, the hardcore soundtrack and setting all comes together nicely in this tautly frenetic original. There is a cool macabre charm to the film, while also being absolutely bat-shit insane.

9.0 / 10

“We’re not keeping you here, you’re just staying”



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