Darling (2015)

Darling is a stylish exploration into madness and paranoia. Artfully displayed as a black and white piece, Darling may be light on plot, but it is heavy on style.

Lauren Ashley Carter (the titular character, Darling) accepts a position as the caretaker of an upscale New York manor. Whispers of a past haunting and a forbidden room lead to a quick descend into madness and confusion.

Mickey Keating delivers a haunting tale, but without any real presence, both figuratively and literally. Although Carter’s solo performance was a time hypnotic, the lack of back story made it difficult to connect with her. Was it mental health or malevolent entities that evoked her spiral into insanity? The questionable chapter entries also bring a manner of fruitless pretentiousness.

Some general horror fans may be put off from the ambiguity of the film, but with a quick paced running time of 78 minutes there isn’t enough time to really feel under satisfied.

A little derivative of cult classics films, even Carter manages to arouse a likeness to the iconic Audrey Hepburn with her impossibly large doe eyes and bee hive hairdos. Despite the underdeveloped character work, the intense violent blasts of metallic strings contribute to an ever present ominous atmosphere. Darling is a twisted entry into art house horror, a classy addition but an easily forgettable one too.

6.0 / 10

“Is it true what they say about this place?” 


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