He Never Died (2015)

He Never Died is a welcome dose of quirky humour. It’s hardly a comedy, but an enjoyable, questionably strange bloody horror drawing out the gloomy side of eternal loneliness.

Jack, a social pariah, is reluctantly thrust out of his comfort zone to save his daughter from mafia clutches. As the outside world bangs on his front door, Jack struggles to contain his violent past.

Jason Krawczyk melds elements of crime, revenge, supernatural and dry comedy in this bizarre movie. The dark bloody humour is so deliciously deadpan and incredibly subtle that you might not realise it is there for the first half of the film. It took me awhile to figure out if I really loved or hated this film. But, as the movie proceeds the winking undercurrent becomes more pronounced, all you need to hear is Jack (Henry Rollins) relay his very long list of previous jobs.

Though the title acknowledges Jack’s immortality, the film is coy about its nature. The slow moving action and odd sense of humour may catch some audiences off guard. But, for those who can enjoy putting their plausibility aside, will relish in the raucousness of the film and be rewarded with giddy gore.

He Never Died is just plain weird and performances don’t come more deadpan in this original, sternly charming horror.

7.0 / 10

“So… the Civil War, what was that like?” 


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