They’re Watching (2016)

They’re Watching is a pleasantly cheesy found footage horror comedy. Not to be taken too seriously, the winking undercurrent pulls off an enjoyable descend into complete and utter chaos.

An American home improvement TV crew team visit a remote Eastern European village to film a follow up segment of a drastic home makeover. But when the crew arrives they discover the superstitious locals are not so welcoming.

Directors/Co-Writers Jay Lender and Micah Wright deliver a fun little film here. The pacing is entertaining but in the genre of horror comedy, it’s the comedy that comes out strong. There is a decent sense of humour that flairs throughout the story and the banter between the characters is genuinely funny. It seems every found footage film has to have the sarcastic camera operator, and here it is Kris Lemche. A treasure to the horror genre (Ginger Snaps, Final Destination 3) Lemche provides the constant cynical narration of the spooky antiquity of Moldova. You can’t help but snicker along at the arrogance of the characters.

There are however a few questionable scenes that add no significance in moving the story forward. Greg’s (David Alpay) melodramatic backstory hinders the films carefree charm, and instead creates flaccid minutes of overacted importance. Souring the movement towards the grand final act.

The final 10 minutes, both writers must have decided “fuck it” and let shit hit the fan!  The change of tone is pleasurably jaw dropping. The CGI is sub amateur and somewhat cheesy, but there are times in life when too much cheese can be a good thing (like on a pizza)!

The final act either makes it or breaks it for you in this energetic silly mayhem of madness! Seasoned horror vets may feel their patience is tested for the heavy payoff, but nonetheless it is an entertaining spell.

6.5 / 10

“Is it like national axe day? What the fuck is this?”


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