Nina Forever (2016)

Nina Forever is a bizarre gore soaked high concept horror. Ghastly yet gorgeous, this morbid tale balances the uncomfortable topic of grief with deadpan dark humour and sultry edginess.

After Rob’s girlfriend Nina dies in a car crash, Rob unsuccessfully attempts suicide. As he begins to recover from his grief he falls in love with co-worker, Holly. Their relationship is tested however when Nina’s bloody self rises from the sheets, sarcastically interrupting them whenever they have sex.

Brothers, Ben and Chris Blaine deliver a unique portrayal of letting go in their directorial feature debut. This twisted tale blurs the genre lines with its substantial amount of heartbreak underneath the gore. The subject matter deftly explores serious and relatable issues like grief and the possible impossibility of moving on, which stands far more uncomfortable then any macabre scenes.

The twisted love triangle brings an emotionally affecting level to the story. The performances from all seem authentically sensitive. The tragedy of the situation is disturbing but tender. Fiona O’Shaughnessy’s (Nina) performance is both repulsive, in the way she swings her lifeless corpse around, and hypnotic in the nous of her poetic sense of dialogue.

Oozing sick yet sexy eroticism with a dark comedic edge, this inventive film is a superb little gem in the horror genre.

9.0 / 10

“I’d love it if my boyfriend tried to kill himself cause I’d died”


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