Ava’s Possessions (2016)

Ava’s Possessions is a quirky colourful pseudo horror comedy. Never taking itself too seriously, it’s a fun fresh spin on a classic theme. Narratively it feels a little underdeveloped, but the witty dialogue and innovative premise amasses an appealing hold over the viewer. 

Ava, a young woman recovering from a demonic possession; with no memory of the past month and her hazardous behaviour is sentenced to attend a court ordered Spirits Possession Anonymous support group, (a little like AA but for exorcism survivors) to piece her life back together.

Writer/Director Jordan Galland’s demonic possession movie begins were most usually end. Ava’s Possessions is a fun alternative to your usual run of the mill exorcism flick. Engulfed in a world of vibrant colours, this novelty film of fluoro fusion never takes itself too seriously.

The premise of Ava’s Possessions is invitingly original. Set in a world where possession is commonplace, so much so that the judicial system has appointed support groups, and society doesn’t question the absurdity. Ava’s friends are not exactly forgiving with her survival of the supernatural, rather they judge heavily for her uncontrollable actions.

“You sort of acted like mega bitch while you were possessed….and a slut”

Louisa Krause is charming as titular character, Ava. In a whirlwind of glitzy, neon lights and arousing satanic presences, Ava remains vigilant with a facetious manner.

Set in absorbing world, the narrative takes an unfortunate turn into a Nancy Drew like mystery. With dead hookers, inner family turmoils and an underdeveloped love interest the final act feels awkwardly rushed.

Don’t let the abrupt final act sway you from viewing this film. Ava’s Possessions is an imaginative vivacious film, fully aware of its own self.

6.5 / 10

“Haven’t you heard, I can handle my spirits”



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