Emelie (2016)

Emelie is a home invasion movie of a different kind. A taut slow burner that endlessly builds on unfamiliar suspense. It plays to an honest fear, but fails to leave any real lasting impression with a underwhelming final act.

Michael Thelin’s directorial debut taps into every parent’s worst nightmare – Can we trust the babysitter? By flipping the script, Thelin treats audiences to an effective little thriller with his interesting twist on the tale of the babysitter horror genre.

The Thompson family have a new babysitter. When regular babysitter, Maggie is unavailable, her friend Anna is hired for the job. As we begin to learn very early on, this babysitter is not exactly who she says she is, and has some nasty ulterior motives.

For a horror movie, it does not produce any straight up scares, but tension with a sinister undertone. As we move along through the story, the uneasiness begins to really set in and you find yourself squirming in your chair. Now don’t expect these certain scenes to be filled with knives, machetes or anything sharp. No… just a tampon, and an old VHS tape.

Sarah Bolger (Emelie), is vivid in the lead role as babysitter gone bad. Bolger really inherits this role as she effortlessly swings from darling to disturbing, from innocent to icy.

However, as Emelie’s true intentions begin to unravel, so too does the film. After a solid hour of menacing terror on these poor children, her motivations are revealed and you can’t help but feel a little underwhelmed.

Questions begin to rise, were her actions all really necessary??

What starts off as a genuine fearful tale, its unfortunate the final act couldn’t be further explored and better exploited. Just like Emelie, this film isn’t broken, it’s just cracked….

7.0 / 10

“Sometimes it’s okay to destroy things for fun” 


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