Intruders (2016)

Intruders offers an intriguing take in the sensationalised home invasion genre. With solid performances and a tight pace this prey becomes predator film is a wickedly fun time.

Intruders (formerly known as Shut In), brings us a cat and mouse thriller about young Anna, who finds herself alone in her large family home after her cancer riddled brother passes away. Anna, suffers from agoraphobia, so bad that she cannot bring herself to attend her brother’s funeral, or even flee her house when three men break into her home.

An exciting directorial debut from Adam Schindler, this film brings you a taste of the thrill of Panic Room, and the agony of Saw.

With solid performances from all, a special mention to Martin Starr, who is usually conveyed in the cinematic world as loveable geeky character, takes a dramatic turn as the overly eager to kill criminal, Perry. The pacing of the film is incredible tight in the first hour, it is wickedly fun and gratuitously violent as we witness timid Anna (Beth Riesgraf), swiftly adapt a very cold manner and become the queen of resting bitch face.

Although, the movie does quite fall apart towards the end, the reasoning behind the puzzle box of a house feels like it spat out in a couple minutes of dialogue. The overwrought exposition is rushed and unfortunately lacks in originality, which is regrettably disappointing as it takes away a little of that authenticity that movie had crafted so well.

Fortunately, the good outweighs the bad in this fun little film brought to you by Jigsaws property developer.

8.0 / 10

“You have no idea what I’m like”


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