Krampus (2015)

Krampus is more gooey then gory for this Christmas themed horror. With more cringe then comedy, Krampus was unfortunately lacklustre.

Krampus is a Christmas themed comedy horror about a young boy accidentally summoning a Christmas demon, after he has become fed up with his families lack of enthusiasm for the festive season.

Writer/Director Michael Dougherty, brings us another holiday themed horror mash up. Previously, treating audiences to the 2007 cult Halloween anthology ‘Trick r Treat’. Whereas, Trick r Treat, was a deftly crafted tribute to Halloween, anthologies full of atmosphere and plenty of blood, Krampus lacked both. Dougherty’s latest entry feels like it is aimed more to towards children then adults in this bloodless hit and miss.

You have got to question the movie when you find yourself no longer paying attention. Or when you start looking at the time. You really have to question the movie after it puts you to sleep. I watched Krampus on a very hot sunny Sunday afternoon, and I hate naps, but here I was finding myself suddenly being woken up by Toni Collete’s screams. Krampus isn’t bad, it’s just not particularly interesting, it is never as darkly funny or as frightening as it would like to be.

The animated interlude is a fresh hauntingly beautiful segment, reminiscent of A Night Before Christmas, it brings ancient ambience to the backstory of the mythological creature which is Krampus. As for the monsters, I am always a huge fun of practical effects over CGI. The oversized jack in the box monster, part anaconda, part clown, terrifying overall.


The ending! Dear god! Writers should know NEVER to go down the trope of ‘Was it all a dreeeeaaaaaammmmm?’ The exception is Nightmare on Elm Street, but we all pretend that didn’t really happen. There are too many interpretations in the final scene – After Max has been thrown into a fiery pit of Christmas hell, he awakens to find himself in his bedroom. The snow is glistening, the day is bright and Max’s family are celebrating Christmas day in tranquil harmony. Until Max unwraps his first gift, a little totem from Krampus, suddenly everyone’s faces go from cheer to gloom of realisation, as the camera pans out it uncovers the picturesque home is stuck inside a snow globe, amongst a large collection of other snow globes in Krampus’s den.

In the end did Max really get what he wanted, stuck inside some Krampus inspired eternity of Christmas hell? Or has Krampus gave them all a second chance, and the globe is merely for him to keep an eye on the family.

The proper question is…Do I really care? Not really.

What Is next for Dougherty….a rabid bunny rabbit attacking the children who no longer being in Easter… I’d like to think so.

4.0 / 10 

“We should have gone to stay with my brother!”
“Your brother lives in a barn!”
“Jesus was born in a barn!”


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